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In highlights: Vietnam’s economy expanded 6.8% in 2Q2018 and 7.1% in 1H2018, the highest growths in years. The economy is expected to grow 6.8% in 2018 on the back of increased demand for manufacturing exports, rising domestic consumption and continued surge in FDI inflows. Inflation is expected to stay under control, below 4% for 2018. […]

The healthcare system in Vietnam consists primarily of hospitals and commune health stations. Commune health stations mostly take care of vaccine intakes for infants and young children, and women’s birth delivery in rural areas. There is serious lack of quality hospitals (those that offer standard healthcare) leading to excessive crowdedness in top or central public […]

Vietnam’s economy posted its strongest first-quarter growth in 10 years, expanding 7.38 percent annually in January-March and backed by strong growth in manufacturing and agriculture, the country’s statistics office said on Thursday.  “The first quarter growth extended strong momentum in the second half of last year, and with the normally low basis of first quarter […]

After a slow start and some pessimistic predictions, Vietnam has ended 2017 with an impressive Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth rate of 6.8%, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO). This result is 0.1% higher than the initial target of 6.7% and much higher than last year’s 6.21%. This GDP growth rate is the country’s best […]

Vietnam tax treaties on double taxation avoidance In an endeavor to avoid the double taxation of international income and therefore promote foreign direct investment (FDI), Vietnam tax treaties on Double Taxation Avoidance (DTAs) have been concluded with about 65 countries to date, including most major countries. Latest DTA pacts Vietnam concluded are with Estonia, United States, and […]

Agribusiness sector continues to play a considerable role in Vietnam’s transition to a market-based economy, despite its shrinking portion in GDP (18.1% in 2015, compared to 16.1% in 2014). Vietnam’s strength in agricultural output is built upon a large rural base where farm and agribusiness labor accounts for 44.3% of the workforce and 65.7% of […]

Vietnam Logistics industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Vietnam and is estimated to grow at a greater pace than the GDP growth rate.  Logistics service revenues currently account for 15-20% of GDP in Vietnam. However, poor logistics infrastructure and inadequate transport infrastructure resulted in high costs for participants. Ha Noi, Hai Phong (North), […]

A city of more than 10-million population. A unique start-up culture, great value, a fine climate and a solid entrepreneur community; yet the hiring process can come with many pitfalls, which may put your managerial skills to the test. A real city for bootstrappers, getting your business up and running comes with limited overheads. A young, fast and vibrant country with a fierce work ethic and a strong motorbike culture.