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A 4.48 percent Q4 growth has propelled Vietnam’s annual growth to 2.91 percent for the year, the General Statistics Office announced Sunday afternoon. This is the lowest GDP growth level for years. Nevertheless, given the substantial negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is considered a success for Vietnam, with the growth rate among the […]

Upticks in manufacturing and exports helped Vietnam’s gross domestic product (GDP) rose 2.62% year over year in the third quarter, accelerating the country’s economic recovery from a slowdown in the first half of 2020 that was caused by the pandemic. Exports jumped 11% in the third quarter, thanks in large part to a 20% increase in exports […]

Unsurprisingly, the coronavirus epidemic (so-called Covid-19) had a heavy impact on Vietnam’s economic growth as the outbreak hurt key industries such as tourism and retail. The GDP growth in the first quarter of 2020 slowed down to 3.82% (YoY), which is the lowest since the second quarter of 2009. The economic slow-down is expected to […]

Vietnam’s economic growth in the second quarter fell to its slowest pace in decades given the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Gross domestic product in the April-June period grew very slightly at 0.36% from a year earlier, down from 6.73% in the same period last year, the government’s General Statistics Office (GSO), said in a […]

There have been significant transformations in Vietnam’s health supplement (also known as dietary foods or functional foods) sector over the past two decades. Whilst in 2000, there were only 63 products and 13 manufacturers, in 2017 there were 4,190 manufacturers nationwide with about 10,930 products. More than 90% of pharmacies nationwide are selling food supplement. […]

Numerous growth dynamics Vietnam’s gross domestic product expanded 7.02 percent last year, fueled by a robust expansion of the processing and manufacturing sector and service sector, according to the General Statistics Office (GSO). This is the second consecutive year since 2011 that Vietnam’s economic growth has reached over 7 percent. This was a stunning result […]

Vietnam’s economic growth quickened to 7.31 percent in the third quarter year-on-year, the General Statistics Office (GSO) said on Saturday. The processing and manufacturing industry grew 10.05% in the quarter from a year earlier, while the services sector rose 7.11% and the agricultural sector was up 1.53%, the GSO announced. Besides, solid exports and robust […]

The healthcare system in Vietnam consists primarily of hospitals and commune health stations. Commune health stations mostly take care of vaccine intakes for infants and young children, and women’s birth delivery in rural areas. There is serious lack of quality hospitals (those that offer standard healthcare) leading to excessive crowdedness in top or central public […]

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