As a trusted provider of payroll services in Vietnam, Frank Morgan makes it easy for you to deliver on-time, accurate, legally compliant payroll to your employees month after month. We provide clients with a total solutions package for payroll and HR outsourcing using international standards, coupled with extensive local knowledge.

Frank Morgan LLC provides payroll and employment-related support services in Vietnam to an endeavor to provide a one-stop integrated service package to smaller businesses with increasing outsourcing needs. Payroll is usually processed by HR departments which generally lack the necessary resources and experienced professionals to manage their duties efficiently. Our payroll services make it easy for clients to to deliver on-time, accurate, legally compliant payroll to your employees month after month.

A good payroll system can enable timely and accurate distribution of employees’ salaries, which have a tremendous impact on employee morale. An efficiently-managed payroll system can somehow keep a company’s finances balanced, and on-track with internal financial objectives.

Vietnam has a young, well-educated and capable workforce, with foreign businesses allowed to recruit Vietnamese workers both directly and through recruitment agencies. There are a number of important considerations to be mindful and compliant with when it comes to managing your human resources.

Labour contracts, work hours and rules for foreign employees are covered and regulated in Vietnam’s Labour Code. Under the Labour Code, employers are required to contribute to social security schemes which include social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance for all of their full-time employees.

If Vietnamese personnel are unable to meet the requirements for a position, an organisation can hire foreign workers. This requires work permits and permission from the Municipal People’s committee. There are a number of ways to ensure that the process of recruiting, managing and protecting your staff is an efficient one.

Payroll services vietnam

Outsourcing the payroll function to professional services providers can ensure that foreign-owned businesses are compliant with Vietnam’s labor, social insurance and taxation laws. Apart from the initial registration of the company and enrollment of employees with the Vietnam Social Insurance system, and the monthly calculation and payment of employees’ salaries, there are a number of yearly payroll activities that companies need to be aware of. These include the computation of year-end PIT (personal income tax) adjustments, and the preparation and filing of the Annual PIT Tax Return, among others. Frank Morgan provides best-in-class payroll services for your business in Vietnam, especially Ho Chi Minh City.

Our clients can trust our services for creating and maintaining a corporate payroll in Vietnam, through which we manage payrolls (including payment of salaries – optional), taxation (limited or full scope) and social labor security matters, while offering additional advice and guidance for any inquiries. We perform service with great confidence in its rigorousness and speed.

Our payroll services include:

  • Preparation of monthly employee payroll ledger
  • Making salary payments and providing pay-slips
  • Making payment of taxes (personal income tax) and social insurance contributions
  • Expatriates’ payroll in Vietnam (with tax gross-up or net-down calculation)
  • HR/Labor consulting (advising on Vietnam labor rules and laws)
  • Social insurance registrations and reports
  • Other employment-related support

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